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24.9.2017, 09:30Hi Anja,
Thanks to choose this design.
Around 13 hours I upload the files to the administrator, he check them, and then we can change something you want. (I upload the files with some new photos, if you don´t like it, we can change it). I try to find some business man too.

22.9.2017, 21:32Yes, the size is correct.
Tomorrow after you choose this design, the logopro will give you contact to me - and then we can talk about the appointment.
P.S. I try to find something =)
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22.9.2017, 21:07ps End of project is tomorrow, Saturday!
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22.9.2017, 21:06Wow, that is very nice of you with the photos thank you, i appreciate your extra afford to make it perfect!

So the size is 210x198 double sided of course?

I'll let you know about the appointment.And yes I will make sure Eduard will be there for translation and also he has a very good visual for design.

Looking forward to finally connecting properly.
thank you so much

p.s. A friend of mine suggested to have a young business guy on the photos to address those customers as well. but its a shame I dont have a photo with someone like that.
22.9.2017, 19:17Hi Anja,
I watch to find some new good photo, because I try to print one flyer at home and I see some thing which can be better =)

Yes, it is no problem. I don´t know when this project will be end. But sunday can be good. In the afternoon for example 16 hours in Prague time (I think you have the same time as me). It will be good if your husband can talk with us. I could say more about this in czech =)

I wrote it. It is DL format for each page - so it is 2x DL (they are on 2/3 A4 landscape). And it can print on normal A4, because this flyer has white frame. (when the flyer has colour to the edges it must add 3 milimetres on each side and then the printer cut it).

So if the sunday is good, I prepared the final version, and I
adjust alignment and so on, and then we can talk about something you want =)
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22.9.2017, 15:47hi Katka,

an important question, what size brochure am I looking for?

I want to get quotes for the printing.

Please let me know.
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22.9.2017, 15:27Hi Katka,

That sounds nice. I would be curious to see the photo. As you said, we'll do it when we are properly connecting.

I am very impressed that you are still looking for improvements on the inside. Thank you!

I am going away on wed27th and I would like to get it all done before that. So perhaps the weekend is good. i'll also talk to Eduard and we'll be in touch to arrange for a time.Would you have a prefered day/time at the weekend?
22.9.2017, 13:26Hi Anja,
I edit it, in the final version, it is not problem.

Tomorrow I print the flyer and I will make some little edit (the space between some texts and so on). I find some new cool photo (I am not sure about the photo of two older people in the garden - it looks like the man teachs the woman and not you to teach them - I found some cool photo of old men using mobile phone for taking professional photo with changing the iso and so on and I really like it!) and the next in the print flyer the green background in this photo is too distinctive, so then we can talk about it in email conversation or skype, if we change it for example :)

Thanks for all your feedbacks!
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22.9.2017, 11:48Hi Katka,
Sorry I am only getting back to you now.

YES IT LOOKS SUPER!!! Thank you so much.

And it is the final version.
except for this tiniest edit please:
Just an extra space in Telephone number after '31' like this:

0152 - 129 31 571

Sorry I overlooked that all the time.

No need to even upload the update, that can be done at the very end.

Diky moc!
21.9.2017, 13:07Hi Anja,
I upload the new ( final ?) version.
I cropped your photo perfectly and I resize it little bit.
I change the quotations and logo is bigger now.
21.9.2017, 13:05Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
21.9.2017, 12:12Zdravím,
Ano, nyní již tomu plně rozumím - zde se projevují odlišnosti češtiny a němčiny. Zapracuji to také. Děkuji za objasnění.
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21.9.2017, 12:07Ahoj,

ohledne "strange to remove the quotations"... myslim ze si s moji zenou nerozumite :-) Po porade s korektorkou ohledne spravne nemciny nam bylo receno, ze v tomto pripade je vhodne:

1) mit cely text ve dvojitych uvozovkach (coz je momentalne spravne - oranzove velke uvozovky jsou presne to co chceme).

2) slova einfach a schwierig maji byt v uvozovkach jednoduchych, tusim ze se tomu hezky cesky rika apostrof. V cestine by se asi pouzily jednoduche uvozovky jinak - pocatecni pred slovem dole, koncova za slovem nahore. My bychom radi apostrof, cili horni jednoduchou uvozovku pred i za obema slovy. Moje zena v jednom z predchozich pozadavku uvozovky kolem slova schwierig zapomnela :-)

Snad je ted vse jasne. Diky moc!
21.9.2017, 10:37Hi Anja,
I am thinking that it is strange to remove the quotations. I correct it.

I am working on the cutting original photo and removing the background.

It is not problem, let's say the day and the time when it suits to you ( for me the best are from thursday to sunday) or wednesday 27 ( it depends on how you hurry) and it is good when you have your czech husband near you (my english talking is not so good like in the writing =) ).

Yes it can be bigger in the front page or back page?

Today in the afternoon I upload it.
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20.9.2017, 22:31Hi Katka,
with the quotations we both made a mistake it should read like this:
It should look like this:
"Bei mir bekommen Sie
eine Antwort auf jede
noch so 'einfache' oder
'schwierige' Frage."

Around the words einfache und schwierige are SINGLE quotes and the oranges ones are correct.

I think I have to stick to the original photo, as it is not so fortunate to have the hand and mouse cut off.
Thank you for trying.

I like the back side with the text as you have it now.

When we are finishing I would appreciate if we could do a screen sharing session together and try out little font changes for example, I am wondering is the green too much.

Could the logo Computer Mit Freude be slightly bigger. But all of that will be so easy to change and try when we work for 1hour together. I hope that would be ok. Otherwise we can do it if we get all the layers and design files anyway.

But overall, I am really happy with it now!!!

thank you!
20.9.2017, 20:39Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
20.9.2017, 20:37Good evening Anja,
I upload the new version. I try to make you i little bit thinner (but looks if it good for you - it is not problem to change it, before I cropp background perfectly). I change the quotations and I make the text in the back bigger ( I try to print it and the text "und deutschlandweit über PC-Fernzugriff" is hard to read for older people.) Now it is good.
20.9.2017, 07:37Hi Anja,
Oh I understand. This photo is cropped from the original photo (I use photo you post later). But I try to make it. Today in the evening or tomorrow (this is more possible) I upload some new version with resizing. Then we must choose the portrait which will be more realistic.

Have a nice day too
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20.9.2017, 07:30hi Katka,
sorry i can didnt explain my point in no4 very well.
I meant perhaps we can change the proportions in the portrait photo a little bit. so i look thinner ;-) meaning make it a bit narrower. If we crop it from the original portrait slightly bigger then it is right now (with more table in the background) and then resize the width it should do the trick.
do you follow?
but as I said perhaps its a huge job.
have a nice day.
20.9.2017, 06:59Good morning Anja,
You are working in the night too!

1) I thought it, but I wasn't sure. I correct it.
2) after you choose this flyer, before I give you a data I try to print it and then I correct all the mistake, which I will find.
3) You are right, after you choose this, I will have to cut it perfectly. (For it I will need more time - and it is not so easy, so I will wait and if this winn I cut it better) :)
4) I don't know if I undersrand you. But it is not problem (if we don't make it smaller for a big place. Then I don't know what we do with a huge amount of text we used. Are you have something to show me what you remember by this? Or can you describe me your idea better?

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20.9.2017, 00:21Hi Katka,
great we are very nearly there. Thank you!

1.) sorry but you misunderstood the quotations.

It should look like this:
"Bei mir bekommen Sie
eine Antwort auf 'jede'
noch so 'einfache' oder
schwierige Frage."

Which means the quotes IN the sentence are single ones and the outer ones double.
2.) I understand what you are saying about the txt at the bottom, however a little distance to the phone number would be better.

Katka, I wondered about the Protrait Photo, didn´t you mention that it will need to be cut out more accurate around the head etc?
I think that still needs to be done, doesnt it?

4.) On that note, I wondered if we could do a little sheet to make me look slightly narrower, by changing the proportions? But maybe that would be a huge job?


By the way, I am awarding you as the winner! I just have to ask my husband (he is Czech) to explain to me, what I have to do on the website in order to make that public.
You definitely deserve it and I am very happy with the result.

Thank you.
Good night or better Good morning when you read this!
19.9.2017, 21:39I hope I understand the part with quotation, I don´t know, if not I replace it.

Good night.
19.9.2017, 21:39Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
19.9.2017, 19:02Hi Anja,
I see it. I change it, but the last sentences must be higher, because of printing and because of good reading (in this place people hold the flyer (opening and so on)

I upload it around 9 hours in the evening. Now I am not at the computer.
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19.9.2017, 18:52Hi Katka,
thank you.
Thats great, only small think ((for all of this see uploaded image))
-- There should be a gap after Hildesheim, and just one space between Großraum Hannover.

-- also I just learned from a friend, that in the long sentence on the back the quotes in the middle of the sentence should be just single quotes please. 'einfache' oder 'schwierige'

-- could you also break the quotation on separate lines as follows:
"Bei mir bekommen Sie
eine Antwort auf 'jede'
noch so 'einfache' oder
schwierige Frage."

On the inside please change the sentence to:
"Wie kann ich im Internet Informationen finden?"

Thank you for your patience!
19.9.2017, 16:56I upload it.
19.9.2017, 16:55Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
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19.9.2017, 15:54Super! I love it!

I have one more text change please:

On the back could we try if "Hildesheim, Großraum Hannover und deutschlandweit über PC-Fernzugriff "
could fit. The Hildesheim, Großraum Hannover cld be larger font for example.
19.9.2017, 14:29Hi,
I am sorry, I understand bad. I insert it again.
19.9.2017, 14:28Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
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19.9.2017, 14:19Hi Katka,
I Love the logo on the back please insert that again. it cheers is up.

I just meant the middle vertically between the logo and the text www.computermitfreude.

Thank you.
19.9.2017, 13:25Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
19.9.2017, 13:24Hi Anja,
Here is the new version. I move on the back side the quotation, but because of it I must replace the logo, but I think it is not problem, because logo is on the front page.

Zadavatel #1182
19.9.2017, 12:15Hi Katka,
a few more small changes please:

Inside bottom:
-- it should read "E-Mail "(you have E-mail)

-- it should read "Abschlussarbeiten" not with ß (my mistake)

-- ICH BIETE IHNEN (the font seems VERY big, could you make it a bit smaller please. It stands out bc of the yellow ribbon anyway.

Back side:
The quotation is not in the middle , vertically (top and bottom)

Thank you!
19.9.2017, 10:04Hi Anja,
I want to upload new design early. I can't sleep, I must upload it! Because I think now we are in the right way.

Oh sorry, I will upload new version with the right sentence.
Yes, I saved the previous version, it will be easy to change it back :)

I upload the new version after the lunch.

Zadavatel #1182
19.9.2017, 09:55Hi Katka,
looks like you had a busy morning (or night?)
it really looks very nice now. Well done and thank you!!!

---Just one mistake on the front:
the new line should read "Für Beruf und Privat" (no quotes of course) not what you wrote (No problem about this at all, you did a great job, specially given that you have no German ;-)

---On the inside:
I am afraid to say that I feel I liked the sequence of photos better the way you suggested it first. (so the two single people on the left). I hope you can reverse that easily. Please do!

I think you are right in what you are saying about the outside, yellow, thank you for that advise and feedback.

Thank you so much again!
19.9.2017, 08:20Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
19.9.2017, 08:19Good morning again,
I upload the leaflet.
I tried to adjust everything you wrote.

Back side:
I think, that there is a some yellow space, I think it won´t be harmonious, because on the front side we have a lot of yellow and on the inside pages too. So it is good to have one page which has less yellow colour (on the back side the quotations are yellow, and I think that is enough).


P.S. I sorry for a lot of spelling errors. I must rewrite the sentences and I can´t understand German.
19.9.2017, 07:23Good morning Anja,
No the changing photos to either side is not problem, I try it, but I think that contrast between two young and old are perfect. But maybe I change the order of photo - your photos on the edge of the page and others between.
Zadavatel #1182
18.9.2017, 22:53hi Katka,
i was just thinking if it is a big job changing the two photos on the inside to either side, just leave them as they are. Maybe its even better as it show the contrast of young and old next to each other.
good night to you too.
18.9.2017, 22:21Hi Anja,
Thank you for perfect feedback. Tomorrow around 8 hours morning I upload everything.

Good night,
Zadavatel #1182
18.9.2017, 17:39Hi Katka,
I like the inside page, that looks nice with the "step" in it.

I have just gone through the whole lot with a fine comb and here are some small content changes:

1.) Front no.1:
-- The Font of the second line "Hilfe mit Ihrem" seems to be smaller then first line. Better to be the same.

-- I need to add one more line under "Individuelle Unterst." it should read Für Beruf und Privat

2.) Inside no.1:
Top part:
-- instead of "wir bieten an" put the words"ICH BIETE IHNEN:"

-- it should read "Internet, Skype, E-Mail, Word, Excel, PowerPoint" (Note the E-Mail spelling and I forgot the Word)

-- can we move the sequence of the sentences please: the second point should be "Lehrerin mit langjähriger Berufserfahrung"
-- Last point "Unterstützung im ...."

-- It should read "Formatierung von Abschlußarbeiten" (instead of "Formatierung von Dokumenten")

-- It should read "Kaufberatung für neue Geräte"


Bottom Part:
--I really like the idea with the step in the photos. looks great!

Do you think we could have one of the people with the smartphone on either side, right and left. Instead of both on the left? Or is that not possible? (I think it would look more balanced)

---Please take out the speech bubble that doesnt work (I know was my idea but had it different in mind. Never mind).

-- There is a spelling error it should read "Berechnungen" please.

--- ALL Four questions would look better with quotation marks please "Wie kann ich....."

-- your nice sentence at the end should read: "Gemeinsam finden wir auf alle Fragen eine Antwort."

Back side: No. 3
-- I changed the sentence to read easier: " Bei mir bekommen Sie eine Antwort auf jede noch so "einfache" oder "schwierige" Frage." (remember the full stop at the end)

Do you think its ok not to have anymore Orange on the back with all the rest being quite orange?

Sooo, I think thats all the minor details.

Thank you, looking forward to the update.
18.9.2017, 15:06Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
18.9.2017, 15:05Hi Anja,
It is harmonious, but it is darker and not so warm. It is more formal design (maybe because it for you not harmonious - the design below is more friendly)

I am prepared the presentation of all design and new design inside - you can easily choose what you like from each design and then we can make what you like.

Yes, in the end if this win, we can through skype for example share my screen and design fine and colours.

The orange/yellow is for you more harmonious, because your work is your hobby, you are friendly for you client - and for this is yellow perfect. Green is more business, and cold.

Zadavatel #1182
18.9.2017, 13:38Hi Katka,
i really appreciate the way you are trying to match my suggestions, idea. Thank you for that.
I think at this stage we should just focus on the main design and work with the colours together at the end.
I DO love green and like the shade of green you have chosen, yet somehow it doesnt look 'harmonious' to me. Do you know what I mean by it?

Again, if we were together working on it, i cld say straight away, what works what doesn't.
At this stage if no one comes up with a design that is a major idea, it looks like you will be the winner. And THEN we could do the final touches togther through a screen sharing program. If that would be ok with you?!

I am going to give it a few more days on logo cz to see but then i will call an end to the designing period.

SO if we get the main aspects right, we cld do the rest together.
So far the orange looks better then the green, and yet even there I would change the front colours with the orange &blue combination a bit still.

Lets see. I hope you are not too frustrated about my honest comments! I could understand if you were. Again, to express it in writing is really hard.
Maybe this is again where you need to go more with your own designer eyes and feeling and present it like that, perhaps my suggestions are steering you in the wrong directions. Dont just go with the colours to please me. Go also by what YOUR instinct and eyes tell you.
Again, why not have a few versions published, you must be going through a lot of changes as you are designing. Maybe that would help to figure out the right combination?!

Looking forward to the seeing the inside.

Warm wishes
18.9.2017, 12:34Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
18.9.2017, 12:33Hi Anja,
Finally I upload the new version of outside pages. I want to make a leaflet with your beloved green. So I find a photos of Ireland (lovely nature I must say!) and I was inspired by the nature. The shade of green is a little bit change (I want to make colour near to green of nature - and I must change the shade because of colours of font)

Changing colours is not so hard, but it is not so easy too. But I want to try making something you really love it - so I like to change the colour based on your preferences :)

Now please write what do you think about this. Then I upload (after I complete) the inside pages.

18.9.2017, 10:38Hi Anja,
Thank you. Now I am working on the update :)
Zadavatel #1182
18.9.2017, 10:37Hi Katka,

I found out the exact colours that they use on the colour wheel web-page. Maybe this helps:

green #68B365
orange #F79C40
blue #0F6AB0
17.9.2017, 20:30Hi Anja,
I am sorry, but today I can´t upload the new inside pages. I must go offline for a whole day. So tomorrow I will fix it. Sorry.

I understand with the colour :) I try to make something with more green with the outside pages too. But we have to count that green is not warm colour like yellow, right?

No problem, I rewrite the website adress.

So tomorrow I will upload all the flyer (outside - I try to use more green and inside)

Good evening,
Zadavatel #1182
17.9.2017, 18:30Hi Katka,
by the way i am still in principal very much resonating with green. NOw that we have the good combination of orange green and blue i would "quickly" change it to green and see if that would do as well.But if I understand you correctly that is a change that could be done easy enough. Right?
maybe because I lived in Ireland for 20years i love green so much ;-)

so you might keep that in mind for the inside.

A minor change in terms of the website please write it
www.ComputerMitFreude.de (its easier to read for people).

thank you for all your hard work and patience!
Zadavatel #1182
17.9.2017, 12:08Hi Katka,
yes of course, take your time with the inside.
I would prefer it, if you take more time rather than rushing.
I was just asking because I only accessed the project from my phone and I wondered if I overlooked a link to the inside.

Also I think it's a great idea that you show me different versions just like you did for the outside.
Thank you,
happy designing :)
17.9.2017, 10:56Good morning Anja,
I am pleased you like how it looks.
It is not problem something change, I am open to some good innovation from you.

No, I didn´t upload the inside, because yesterday I editted only front and back side. Now I am editting the inside, so today I upload it.
Zadavatel #1182
17.9.2017, 10:11hi Katka,
wow what an improvement.it looks really well í think.well done.
I would have some detailed changes and ideas but I will write later more or we cld play with it in the end.
also for the back I write more comments later but now I am getting excited about it.

you didn't upload the inside.or did I just not see it?

I will write more later.thank you!!!

16.9.2017, 22:03LogoPro doporučuje návrh k výhře
16.9.2017, 21:47Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
16.9.2017, 21:46Hi Anja,
I upload front and back page:
- I use colours from the web (it fits very good)
- I use the new foto (I hope now it is OK)
- I am sorry, but sentences from the front side they are mistakenly moved closer to your head (but I noticed now, when I complete this presentation - but above your head it will be more space)
- In the back I use transparent photo (I think it is good fills the empty space)
- I try to use some icons (but i don´t know about it, I think it is not fits perfectly)
- I try to use a lower and capital case too.

Good night,
16.9.2017, 17:23Hi Anja,
I am sorry, but now I am away from computer, so I am answering only for something and in the evening I try to make upgrade and answer for everything.

The webpage with colours is perfect! Good job - I try to use some combination od these colours. Really thanks.

I think that the first combination of colours are the best ( I only modified the colours to these from page if you like these)

I make a combination for a lower and capital case (but I think it is not looks good)

Wow, it maybe looks really good!

P.S. changing the colours is not problem (only shades or colours to different)

1) In the first design I had some icons of smartphone, tablet and computer, but I am afraid to use it, because I dont know if seniors know what it mean. So I add it.

2) We can use warm yellor or orange (from the website you post it - I really like it)

3) I use the same proportion from photos you post. I download the new and I use this (I hope then it will be ok)

Yes, all layer can be edited (format .ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg or everything ale can be). But if you like thia design the most in the end of competition, I like to help you everytime when you want to edit something.

I have my portfolio website in my profile, but I posted a lot of logos there, because a lot of banner and flyers I cant post, because of security for some time.

Sorry for the mistake,
I write this message from phone.

Zadavatel #1182
16.9.2017, 17:06on this webpage: www.sessions.edu/color-calculator/

at the very top, they have a green, blue and orange combination (the thin horizontal bar on the top) that harmonizes well I think.
also we often used that page to find the combination of colour that go well but I am sure you are familiar with these colour wheels as a designer.

good luck, you are doing a great job and i am sure we will get there.
thank you again!
Zadavatel #1182
16.9.2017, 16:55ps maybe you also want to save and submit a few suggestions at ones and then I can tell you I like this from that page and this from the other.... and then we will get the right one?!

For example I would have liked to see what it looks like with combination of lower and upper case in the heading....

just an idea, maybe that would make it even more complicated for you.

on the inside:
I wondered if speech bubbles would work for the four questions on the bottom? You know the way you would see that in a comic.
Zadavatel #1182
16.9.2017, 16:35Hi Katka,
Thank you again for your new suggestion.

My husband is suggesting I should just let you work with your graphic skills and eyes and that you make suggestions. Instead of us getting caught in minor changes here and there.
For example I dont like the shade of green and the shade of blue but those are only small details. And if we stayed with this colour scheme, I'd prefer my name on the back in the green.

Bigger questions:
1.) On the back:
would you have any suggestion to bring it a bit more alive. Because currently its only text with no visuals. For example sketches of computer, tablet, smartphone;?

I have a big question for you, now that you took out the green from the original photo is there anything stopping us from going back to the friendly, warm colour scheme that you suggested?

3.) the picture on the front is still widened from the original this is important for me to be original proportions bc as I said I look fat(er). Please.
I am uploading the original so maybe you need to crop it differently?

I have one generell question, when we are getting the submission, will there be all layer-parts of the design editable?
what format would we be getting it?

Sorry, I hope you understand where I am coming from with all my input. Again it would be easier if we spoke and faster. Do you have a website with your portfolio somewhere that I can view?
I was just curious.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this and for trying to incorporate my suggestions.
16.9.2017, 15:21Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
16.9.2017, 15:09Thanks Anja,
I try it yesterday, but it looks really bad. Combination of lower case and capital case in one sentence is something like "graphic hell".

But I try to something else. I made a background behind the "Smartphone, Computer, Tablet?" in green colours. So now the front page is clear, professional and just colorful.

Then I add your name and "Lehrerin" to your photo (it fits perfectly with the text and contact information on the back).

So I think that the front page is now good, but please reply to this upload what do you think. Personally I like it.

I'll try edit the inside in the evening (now I must go offline for 4 hours).


Zadavatel #1182
16.9.2017, 13:44p.s. overall I can see it is a big improvement what you just presented!

I had idea about the main heading, maybe the lines similar like this?

Benötigen Sie Hilfe (large font) (( translation: Do you need help))
mit Ihrem (smaller font) ((with Your))

16.9.2017, 13:41Hi Anja,
Yes, the background colour is missing.

Now, I am working on a bigger update. I try to add some background colour which is working with other colours.

I am happy that logo is now good.
Zadavatel #1182
16.9.2017, 13:36Hi Katka,
this definitely looks more harmonious again. But a bit plain, with the missing background colour it is missing warmth.

The Logo looks clearer and friendlier now. I like it.

Remember to make me look 'narrower' again please. The widening makes me much fatter then the original.
Thank you for all your efforts! I really appreciate it.
16.9.2017, 13:23Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
16.9.2017, 13:20Hello,
I know, this communication is not perfect, but in the competition this is the only possible form of communication.

Yes, yellow is a "warm" type of colours like red, orange, brown ... this is why is the flyer feels more harmonious. Green is a "cold" type.

I think that yellow is perfect for this flyer (with green or blue) - but only green with blue is good too - it is more professional and fresh. I try to show you the professional flyer with a little colours (only green, blue, grey (or black)).

I try to make i main tittle with lower case, but I print it and it is not good as the bigger case. (I can send you and you can print it too).

Then I have a margins around the pages (in white) - this is because of printing - it is easiest to print then when we have colours to the corner.

So the first is, what colours we can use in a flyer ( My favourite are yellow / orange, blue / green) and then I try to mix them.
Zadavatel #1182
16.9.2017, 12:11pps. I just read your comment now, you said you tried a 'quick update' now. that perhaps explains why it doesnt feel as harmonious as the yellow. So perhaps if you just look at it with a bit of quiet space and time with your designer eyes you might see what I found about the overall of it when I saw the green version.
By the way I am assuming you are keeping a copy of the previous designs as in the yellow etc as well. As we might take elements of it...

Thank you!
16.9.2017, 11:23Good morning Anja,

Unfortunately the other type of communication is forbidden. We must only write in this website. Only with the winner you can speak (after the competition you choose a winner and then you give a contact to him or her).
I am from the west of the Czech Republic (it is close to German), but then if you like this design it is possible to use skype for example and edit it especially for you to make a perfect flyer.

Yes, the original design was better I think, because yellow is a colour of friendship and harmony. And with blue, which is professional colour - the flyer was perfect.
But your title photo has green background so we must use green in design concept.

But I think the purple is not good. I try to make the flyer with this colours to show how it looks (not good).

Made use the biggest format of flyer. Now I am use DL size of each page.

The other problem is that I try to use bigger font. Little font is hard to read for seniors and this flyer is mainly focused on them. So it is a problem, because we have a lot of sentences.

Now I am working on the little upgrade so I think in one or two hours I update it.


Zadavatel #1182
16.9.2017, 11:14ps. on my irish webpage :www.friendlycomputers.ie are all my contact details. I am on WhatsApp...
Zadavatel #1182
16.9.2017, 11:08Good morning Katka,
I see you were busy in the morning hours ;-) Thank you for the changes.
Puh, its so hard to give the feedback in writing, if we could look both at the same screen, the work wld probably be done so much easier and faster for both of us. I wonder if there is any other way that we could communicate?! Do you have any suggestions?
I know whenever i designed something with my husband together on the computer we'd TRY fonts, colours etc but now my task is to describe to you what I need and that is hard.
Because often it is only when you see it being changed you say, YES this is it....

So for now I will try the words to describe it.

1.) The overall colour scheme:
First of all I have to say, overall I think the green is nice.
However your original design FEELS lighter and more harmonious. I need your designer eye, suggestion to see why that is so.
Is it maybe because on the front (in yellow) it was going from light to darker? Or maybe bc you had a light border around it?
Or a slighty different shade of green? I dont know. its just the feeling. can you see what i mean?

2.) The front page:
a.) Overall Fonts and colours are not so harmonious together now.
"Computer mit Freude" the new font type is nice. The main message "mit Freude" doesnt stand out enough. I wonder if the purple is not the right colour here for the logo? And perhaps move "mit Freude" a bit further away to stand out more?

((this is exactly what I mean its so hard to describe in words to you what I would like different. when I see it on the screen being moved or changed I'd know what looks best. ))

b.) The main heading:
Benötigen Sie Hilfe
mit Ihrem
Computer, Smartphone, Tablet ? (this a different colour to stand out)
overall would read better in lower case.

Again, at the moment I dont get the message at a glance its too much text cramped together. If you leave the bullets they wld look perhaps better all left aligned?

c.) My picture:
I love what you have done with the background, looks better.And also to have it there on the front is nice.

I think you widened the picture, so I look much bigger then on the original (and I am just after a diet ;-) could you change that please.

2.)The inside:
a.) the colours:
Again, the green and black at the bottom appear a bit heavy.
I dont like the black border it reminds me off a condolences card :-(

b.) Photos:
I like the photos with my client on either side. The ones in the middle I am not so sure about. Specially bc. they are all isolated playing with there mobile. Genereally I like your idea of showing different client groups. Not sure what to suggest?
Definitely take out the men with the bow tie. (motylek)
Maybe leave the two left ones in, move them to either side of my photos and have the logo Computer mit Freude in the middle?? But that may not work. Again I need you designer eye, to suggest something please.
Or i like the iStock photo on the right the two people in the garden, use that in the middle and two young people with it?

((Again a discussion between us would be so much easier and faster!))

3.) The back side:

The quotation is too hard to read the way it is formatted.
But its hard because the space is so small.
Maybe some design element with it, a different font would certainly help.

Just a small content change please type: Hildesheim und Großraum Hannover (since these are the cities perhaps they could be slightly smaller font)

I really think we need to TALK, what do you think?
thank you so much for your effort, we are getting there, slowly but surely.
16.9.2017, 00:05Hello,
I've tried a quick update now. I change the photos (only one I
stayed out of the original flyer with photo from photobank - it seems to me that it complements the others well - but I can delete it if you want).

1) I change the font of the "Computer mit Freude" - it is more rounded and I change the colours to purple / violet.
2) I change the title photo, and I edited your photo (I change the background in the left)
3) I made main title (Computer, Smarphone ... )
more pronounced
4) Now the sentences inside is correct (without the last sentence from mine)

It is not perfect ( for example changed the background behind your hair needs more time) but for example I think it is

Katka Fischerová

P.S. I can change the violet / purple to blue, if you want.
16.9.2017, 00:03Odstraněno autorem komentáře
16.9.2017, 00:03Safri aktualizoval(a) svůj návrh
Zadavatel #1182
15.9.2017, 21:26Thanks Katka, good night!
15.9.2017, 21:06Thanks for the photos. The portrait is really perfect for the title!
Now I am really tired, so I will make upgrade tomorrow. (Around 12 hours Prague time)

Yes, the sentence need change, because it is translated by google translator.

I can try it, but I want to use some simple font for easy reading for everybody, but I try to find some font which is more round and easy to read too.

Good night,
Katka Fischerová
Zadavatel #1182
15.9.2017, 20:54Sorry just one other comment, would you have a suggestion for a font type that is a bit more round and warmer? Like I have in my original Logo?
Zadavatel #1182
15.9.2017, 20:37Just uploaded the photos finally found out where to do it ;-)

re.5.) I like the sentence you translated we may need to change the wording slightly, but I like the idea and message of it. Great idea, so dont take it out.

Thank you!
15.9.2017, 14:37Hi,
You don´t need to translate to Czech, I understand English very good, the little problem is reply correctly.

I am happy you like the new logo.

1) + 2) Colours are these, because of web colours and photos colours. Please try to upload your photos, It is good to use similar colours. I try to change black to some kind colours ( but than it is not possible to use yellow - I like the green - green with blue blend perfectly together. But colours are details - we can change it anytime like photos.

3) I will change it.
4) I am sorry for spelling - I cannot understand German.
5) I try to invent a new space for this sentence. I can replace the last sentences in the yellow box from inside ( I translate this sentence with google translator - it is my sentence).

Now I am waiting for your photos and then I upload the new version of flyer.

Katka F.
Zadavatel #1182
15.9.2017, 14:22Ahoj, díky za váš návrh. Mimochodem, vaše angličtina je pro to ideální. Omlouvám se, nehovořím česky!

 Nejdříve chci říci, že celkově se mi váš návrh líbí! Vidím, že jste se dočkali nějakého myšlení v jeho strukturování, designu apod. Opravdu skvělý výchozí bod.

Existuje také několik dobrých změn, které bych s vámi chtěl diskutovat. hodně má co do činění s typem písma a barvami.

Nejprve se mi líbí nové logo, vypadá opravdu pěkně. Jednoduché a přesto zvláštní.

Než se dostanu do všech detailů, chtěla bych nahrát fotky, ale nemůžu najít žádné místo. Mohu mít svůj přímý e-mail? Nebo víte, kde je nahrajete?

Zde jsou některé změny, které bych chtěl vidět:
1.) celková barva je žlutá, nejsem si tak jistý. Přemýšlel jsem, že bychom mohli jít s odstínem zelené a fialové pro nějaký text? Nebo jaké další návrhy byste měli? Jsem otevřený (myslím, že moje fotografie by možná pomohly určit barvy také)

2.) Nemám rád černou moc, proto bych rád změnil Computer Mit Freude na jinou a přátelštější barvu.

3.) na první stránce v hlavním záhlaví "Počítač, Smartphone, Tablet" by měl vyniknout více.

4.) Malá pravopisná chyba zevnitř: Mělo by se přečíst "wie kann im im Internet einfach Infos finden?"
5.) také zevnitř: chtěl bych zahrnout větu "Wie organizisier ich meine Fotos auf dem Computer?" pokud potřebujete zanechat jednu otázku, vyčkejte si jednu informaci.

Je to opravdu těžké poskytnout veškerou zpětnou vazbu při psaní telefonního kontaktu.
Ok, mohl bych si později ještě pozdravit, ale chtěl bych vám poskytnout tolik zpětné vazby jako výchozího bodu.
Doufám, že můžete sledovat mé komentáře.

Děkuji mnohokrát.

English original:
Hi thank you very much for your proposal. By the way your English is perfect for this. Sorry i dont speak Czech!

First of all I want to say that overall i like your proposal! I can see that you put some thought into structuring it, the design etc. Really a great starting point.

There are also a good few changes that I would like to discuss with you. a lot is to do with font type and colours.

First of all I like the new logo, it looks really nice. Simple and yet special.

Before I go into all the details, i would like to upload photos but i cant find any place. Can i have your direct email? Or do YOU know where to upload them?

Here are some changes that I would like to see:
1.) the overall colour being yellow, I am not so sure about. I wondered could we go with a shade of green and purple for some of the text? Or what other suggestions would you have? I am open (I think my photos would perhaps help to determine the colours as well)

2.) I dont like black so much, therefore I would like to change the Computer Mit Freude to a different and more friendly colour as well.

3.) on the first page in the main heading "Computer, Smartphone, Tablet" should stand out more.

4.) a small spelling mistake on the inside: It should read "wie kann ich im Internet einfach Infos finden?"
5.) also on the inside: I would like to include the sentence of "Wie organisiere ich meine Fotos auf dem Computer?" if you need to leave one question out take out the one about the Infos.

Its really hard to give all this feedback in writing a telephone contact would be easier.
Ok I might right more later, but wante to give you this much of feedback as a starting point at least.
I hope you can follow my comments.

Thank you very much.

15.9.2017, 14:17Hello,
Thanks for your comment. Communication outside Logopro is forbidden.

You can upload photos to the project (something like update the task) or you can upload it to some upload web like uloz.to, leteckaposta.cz ...

But try to upload it to logopro.cz - if you don´t know how, you can contact the administrator on his email and he helps you.

But then please, send it to everybody - when you send it only for someone, it is unfair :)

Katka Fischerová
Zadavatel #1182
15.9.2017, 14:11Než se dostanu do všech detailů, chtěla bych nahrát fotky, ale nemůžu najít žádné místo. Mohu mít svůj přímý e-mail? Nebo víte, kde je nahrajete?

English version:
Before I go into all the details, i would like to upload photos but i cant find any place. Can i have your direct email? Or do YOU know where to upload them?
Zadavatel #1182
15.9.2017, 14:10Before I go into all the details, i would like to upload photos but i cant find any place. Can i have your direct email? Or do YOU know where to upload them on this page?
14.9.2017, 21:14Safri vložil(a) návrh

Předchozí verze

Verze 13, před 422 dnů


Verze 12, před 423 dnů
I hope I understand the part with quotation, I don´t know, if not I replace it tomorrow in the evening.

I hope I understand the part with quotation, I don´t know, if not I replace it tomorrow in the evening.

Verze 11, před 423 dnů


Verze 10, před 423 dnů


Verze 9, před 423 dnů


Verze 8, před 423 dnů


Verze 7, před 424 dnů
All of the design and something new (inside)

All of the design and something new (inside)

Verze 6, před 424 dnů


Verze 5, před 426 dnů
Upload outside pages

Upload outside pages

Verze 4, před 426 dnů
Update - front and back page

Update - front and back page

Verze 3, před 426 dnů


Verze 2, před 427 dnů
I've tried a quick update now. I change the photos (only one I
stayed out of the original flyer with photo from photobank - it seems to me that it complements the others well - but I can delete it if you want).

1) I change the font of the "Computer mit Freude" - it is more rounded and I change the colours to purple / violet.
2) I change the title photo, and I edited your photo (I change the background in the left)
3) I made main title (Computer, Smarphone ... )
more pronounced
4) Now the sentences inside is correct (without the last sentence from mine)

It is not perfect ( for example changed the background behind your hair needs more time) but for example I think it is

Katka Fischerová


Verze 1, před 428 dnů
I liked your focus to help seniors with modern technology so I make a flyer for you. It is design for everyone - for people who know nothing about computer or for some agentcy or for some students.

Everything is in the presentation. Font size is good for everyone (I used only size 15pt to 24 pt - it is enough for senior too)

I will look forward to feedback,
Katka Fischerová

P.S. sorry for my English - it is not so good, but I cannot understand German (only passively).

I liked your focus to help seniors with modern technology so I make a flyer for you. It is design for everyone - for people who know nothing about computer or for some agentcy or for some students. 

Everything is in the presentation. Font size is good for everyone (I used only size 15pt to 24 pt - it is enough for senior too)

I will look forward to feedback,
Katka Fischerová

P.S. sorry for my English - it is not so good, but I cannot understand German (only passively).